Association of Independent Jewish Camps
We are a community of Jewish Summer camps that challenges and nurtures fun, growth, and individual and community-based summer experiences.


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A Destination

We believe that summer camp should be an amazing experience for children -- one that engages the senses, delights the mind, and encourages the soul. Our camps work to create an environment where kids can have fun, develop relationships and are encouraged to learn and grow in a Jewish context.

Being a member of the Association of Independent Jewish Camps means being committed to ongoing growth and development. We are dedicated professionals who are interested in doing our best work all of the time, are hungry for learning, and appreciate that truly great things can happen when we collaborate.

Concierge APPROACH

Wouldn't it be great to pick up the phone and have someone to talk you though a new hire, insurance bid, or difficult conversation? Now you can. All AIJC member camps have access to a professional Camp Concierge to address your questions and issues in a timely manner.

Best practices

As we work together to professionalize the world of Jewish summer camping, we exhibit a shared commitment to doing quality work and sharing it with others. AIJC member camps actively share their successes and challenges with one another and through professional cohorts.

Professional Development

From conferences to an AIJC-exclusive knowledge center, being a professional at an AIJC-member camp means a committment to personal growth and sharing. Grants are available for individual staff and entreprenureship is encouraged!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - November 21, 2014                                                                                          

Announcing the Formation of the Association of Independent Jewish Camps

Chicago, IL – The Association of Independent Jewish Camps (AIJC) has been established to create an opportunity for independent not-for-profit Jewish camps to collaborate in their continued efforts to grow and thrive.  The AIJC will allow independent camps to leverage the member benefits of a large association, while maintaining their autonomy and unique Jewish missions. 

The camps affiliated with the AIJC all have a successful inclusive, non-movement based Jewish philosophy and a pragmatic approach that uniquely positions them to reach the affiliated and unaffiliated Jewish populations. The AIJC has a distinct advantage in this space through our wide spectrum Jewish approach and the ability to leverage best practices across our member cohort.  This new association of camps brings everyone into the tent and provides access to shared experiences to improve all aspects of camping including childcare, programming and Judaism. 

“We welcome this effort to enhance the field of Jewish camp and create even stronger advocacy throughout North America.  We look forward to working with the AIJC as they create even greater support for the independent Jewish camps in our network helping all of us provide a range of high quality, immersive Jewish summer experiences for everyone.” Jeremy Fingerman, CEO, Foundation for Jewish Camp.

 “We are excited to support this effort to create the Association of Independent Jewish Camps.  This alliance will give its participating members access to best practices in all aspects of camping.  We look forward to working with this group in expanding their capacity to provide support and knowledge to the operations of each individual camp.” Mark Gold, Director of JCamp 180.

The AIJC will provide many benefits to member camps and create high levels of value for the cohort.  The AIJC will be a source of information for member camps facilitating data collection, research regarding critical issues, benchmarking operational functions and creating partnerships with other Jewish agencies.  A concierge approach will ensure that camp directors and board members have access to camping professionals while program, operational and fundraising cohorts create platforms for best practices to be shared.  

Each member camp will be invited to join the AIJC Board strengthening the collaborative atmosphere of the organization.  The AIJC is firmly committed to development of camp staff and lay leaders to ensure the highest possible quality experience for the thousands of Jewish camp families who attend AIJC member camps.

“A unique attribute of the AIJC will be the participation of the member camps in the strategic direction of the association.  Each camp will have representation on the Board of Directors.  I look forward to working with the independent Jewish camps to ensure all of the members drive successful outcomes for their campers, families, alumni and boards.” Harrell Wittenstein, Executive Director, Association of Independent Jewish Camps.

The Association of Independent Jewish Camp exists to create a space for like-minded independent not-for-profit Jewish Camps to grow, thrive and succeed. Learn more at

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