The AIJC will provide benefits (see below) to member camps and will also create value in many different ways.  The AIJC will become a source of information for items such as data collection, researching critical issues facing camps, benchmarking other Jewish camps in areas such as salary comps across full time staff positions, survey results, Jewish and secular programming and scholarship information. 

In the future, the AIJC will add preferred vendors and preferred partners to create discounts and relationships with programming companies or associations to ensure delivery of quality programs. 

There are two levels of participation in the AIJC: Partner and Concierge 

Partner Level

  • Access to AIJC Knowledge Center for standards and best practices in three core areas of camping
  • Detailed analysis of individual CSI survey and comparison of data, as well as feedback for all AIJC camps.
  • Preferred vendor relationships: Select appropriate vendors that will offer AIJC affiliated camps preferred rates, superior services, training and educational programs.
  • Access to program partnerships: AIJC camps can tap into programming opportunities with brand-established organizations.  The AIJC will ensure that the partners are reputable, responsible and will provide a preferred rate for affiliated camps. 
  • Coordinated multi-day camp conclaves to discuss operational excellence and share best practices between the camps and the different management cohorts. AIJC will cover expenses during the camp conclaves; food, meeting rooms and supplies. 
  • Professional development at all levels of management, working closely with the Executive Director cohorts. 
  • Mentoring and coaching for directors and executive directors.  
  • Participation in monthly executive director and director phone calls.  
  • Participation in monthly management specific cohort phone calls. Topics for the calls will be based on the camp calendar: marketing and recruitment in the fall, staff training and programming in the spring etc.  
  • Representation at the FJC, Movement Heads Committee to keep the camps on the front line of initiatives, programs and opportunities.  
  • Work with J Camp 180 (Grinspoon Institute for Jewish Philanthropy) consultants to coordinate the work to be completed.     
  • Board representation on the AIJC board of directors
  • Participate in foundation grant and professional development opportunities
  • Summer visit by AIJC Executive Director
  • Inclusion in the AIJC website and all promotional materials

Concierge Level

  • All the benefits of the Partner level
  • Work with Insurance broker to ensure camps have the appropriate coverage.  Coordinate a competitive bidding process with brokers and insurance companies every three years to get the best coverage at the best price.  
  • Mentoring and coaching for directors and executive directors
  • Consultation utilizing professionals across the field in areas such as staff training, operational management, programming, facility and site planning, board development and other areas    
  • Summer and Winter office visits to ensure the AIJC standard and best practices are integrated into the organization 
  • Camping professional liaison with the camp boards to help with Executive Director or Director yearly evaluations
  • Assist boards and staff with Executive and other full-time staff recruitment and hiring 
  • Board level consultation including strategic planning and annual board assessment and reports and evaluations based on camp visits. 
  • 24 hour phone access to camping professional during the summer camp season

Camps that join in the first year of operation and choose the concierge level will have the ability to customize some of the benefits.  

Contact us for more information on either of the membership levels. We'd love to hear from you!

We believe Judiasm doesn't belong in a box. We believe that summer camp should be a place where children make new friends, learn new skills, explore their individual identity while connecting to a larger community. 

Our Association is a big tent where your camp is free to push the boundaries of an immersive Jewish summer experience. Here's what we offer.

Professional Staff Development
Our staff are our strength. We provide generous opportunities for personal and professional development. From social work to Six Sigma, we are committed to providing our staff the kinds of opportunities to work and think outside the box and bring those experiences back to the Jewish Camp world.

Back Office Support
You know the drill. A fellow professional or camp parent asks, "so what do you do the rest of the year?" We work to reinforce the emotional connection our families have with their summer experience by delivering exceptional, high-touch customer service, a unified brand identity, and value. Our camps enjoy best-in-class human resources and payroll guidance. Let us help you with your next insurance bid or building project.

Program Excellence
Our camps run at capacity because of our fantastic staff and commitment to high quality program offerings. From writing accurate job descriptions and staff hiring, through the training process and onto summer implementation, our qualified team will take your program to the next level.

Marketing & Recruiting
We are interested in engaging the unengaged. We're tired of hearing the community ring the alarm bells after hearing the findings of the Pew Report. We firmly believe that there are enough Jewish campers to fill all Jewish Camps -- and that includes yours! Our team will work with you to create an empowered network of families who have accepted the responsibility of recruiting potential camp families within their communities. These ambassadors will serve as key representatives for your camp.